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About Me


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can have some measure of success on camera.


I grew up painfully shy, but decided to go into broadcasting to try to cure my shyness. It took a while, but I became a TV anchor and reporter. After that I created a multiple Emmy© award-winning show that I host and produce. Now I share my "secret sauce" of storytelling, preserving your story for generations, and camera confidence through virtual online classes.


Ready to empower your story? There are three ways to get started. 

One-on-One Coaching

Want to learn how to craft a story for business success, how to have ultimate camera confidence, or the best way to preserve your own story? Book a One-on-One lesson for personalized instruction.

Virtual Class

Learn at your own pace as I reveal my "secret sauce" for everything from how to write an award-winning story to how to knock it out of the park in your next virtual presentation.

Private Event

I would love to speak at your event, or visit you in our home to help you record your story. Helping and serving is why I'm here and I do it through STORY.

Let's Keep in Touch on Social Media

My goal is to always keep social media social. I made a vow long ago to try to only post uplifting and educational content.  I mostly do a good job at that.

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My Facebook

Mostly business, but a little more about me and what's happing in the Todd world.


Honestly, my Insta game needs work. It is the most neglected of them all, but I give it a go when I can. Let's connect and I'll try to do better. :) 

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