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Hey there! I'm Todd

Are you ready?

  • To start empowering your story

  •  To start empowering your sales force

  •  To write your story to create whatever future you want

You're in the right place. 

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I believe in your story

Why I do this: 

Years ago a started an experiment.  As a TV reporter I decided to walk up to just anyone and ask them to tell me their story.  I wanted to prove that everyone has a story, that everyone matters. It was amazing!

It turned into a half-hour TV show that took me to all 50 states, interviewing hundreds of unsuspecting people, winning 15 Emmy© awards---all because YOU have a great story.

Where I speak:

To date, my largest speaking gig was a keynote in front of 55,000!  (5,000 in the hall and 50,000 watching virtually) 

The smallest was about a dozen. 

I've always been so busy with a TV show that I've never actively solicited speaking gigs, but love the opportunity. 

What the TV boy has to teach:

Whether it's a huge keynote or a small executive training, I'm thrilled anytime I can teach the lessons I learned as host and executive producer of a TV show dedicated to proving the power of story. 

I take what I learned producing and hosting reality TV and show you how to apply those principles in your life, or your business, or your struggling sales organization to rewrite your future.  This is the power of story!  I'll show you how to rewrite your story beginning today using my 5-step Daily Story Formula.  


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