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To make this show even happen I need your financial support. I was blessed to do a show on BYUtv that impacted countless lives for many years, but those days are passed.

Like you have seen with The Chosen, various independent films, and other shows, if this show happens at all it has to be crowdfunded.

Become a founding donor! Even $10 can go a long way if many people get behind this moment.

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     Levels of Support



You are part of the team! We're making it happen together. It takes a village to make anything happen and everything helps. 


We use Production Assistants for everything! You name it we have them run and do it for the good of the show.


Associate Producers do more than you might think. They make everyone else looks good and ensure that things run smoothly.  


Producers make the show a reality.  They are also often known as showrunners.


We call them photogs. They are not cameramen. Especially when they are women! 


Without great writing, you don't have a great TV show. That's why Todd has them at this level.


Holy Cow!  Thanks for this incredible support!  
Without Executive Producers TV would not ever happen.


We are humbled!
You have likely been associated with productions and know how much it takes! 




Have you ever wanted to be a part of a TV crew and on TV? This is your chance. Learn the ropes and get to work on Todd's show!

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Thank You to Our Donors! 

Funding Targets 

We have specific financial targets to hit in order to bring you a quality production. At the network, Todd was known for producing an extremely high-quality show at the lowest budget. That said, gearing up a professional crew to travel the country and produce a show to Todd's standards is still not cheap.  Add to that pre-production expenses and post-production expenses. The ultimate goal is to honor each individual and their story in the best way we can.

We will scale according to the funding we receive.  The funding targets below have been scaled down to reflect a smaller crew than what Todd has used in the past but still create a quality show.

Sponsor an Episode/Season

Be a part of a winning team. Todd is the winner of more than 15 Emmy© awards and his team has won dozens as well. We would love to feature your company/organization in the show.  Contact us to discuss sponsorship packages.

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We will get back to you ASAP. If you would like to include a phone number please do so in the message/comments.

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